Rewarding Work helps Organisations improve their Culture and the Capabilities of their People to Achieve Better Outcomes

Introducing Kumanu

Kumanu is a business that helps organisations build resilience, mindfulness, enduring engagement, and better business performance by developing and activating an authentic purpose.

Kumanu has developed a highly scalable purpose activation platform, called PurposeCloud™, which comprises a mobile app for individuals, a web-based analytics dashboard for organisations, and an AI-driven insights engine that connects and contextualise all the data and variables gathered.

Kumanu Resources

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PurposeCloud Resources

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The mobile app is differentiated from traditional wellbeing and mindfulness apps by harnessing each person’s intrinsic motivation to translate purpose into action. The analytics dashboard delivers meaningful metrics in real-time, including a PurposeGraph, a social graph illustrating the authentic centre-of-gravity for an organisation with respect to purposeful aspirations.

Kumanu also provides an array of launch, integration, and sustainability services to help organisations better fuse their corporate, people, and wellbeing strategies around a shared purpose.

Alignment purpose, structure, engagement

Integrate the drivers of the business with those of its people, Ensure the structure of the organisation maximise interaction and collaboration and ensure that individuals are motivated to maximise their contribution.

Capability learning, change, technology

What are the skills required for current and future job requirements. Are your people willing and able to move towards the changes required and do they have the right technology and learning management systems.

Wellbeing physical, mental, financial

What are the tools, resources and support you can provide for your people to increase their capacity to succeed.

Culture leadership, recognition, communication

Do your leaders support your desired culture, do your people feel rewarded for their efforts and does a constructive communication exist at all levels of the business.

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